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I have a as follows:

var partyStore = new{
    id: 'partyStore',
    data: {
       {value:'APPLES', name:['Apples']},
       {value:'ORANGES', name:['ORANGES']},
       {value:'PEARS', name:['PEARS']}

and a dijit.form.FilteringSelect as:

var partyList = new dijit.form.FilteringSelect({
    id: "partyLookup", 
    name: 'partyLookup',
    store: partyStore,
    searchAttr: "name"}, infoDiv);

How can I make the initially selected value be Oranges? I have tried various entries for the value in the FilteringSelect so have left it out in this example.

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Your data store doesn't seem right. Try changing it to:

var partyStore = new{
    identifier: 'value',
       {value:'APPLES', name:'Apples'},
       {value:'ORANGES', name:'ORANGES'},
       {value:'PEARS', name:'PEARS'}

You can then set the value of the dijit.

partyList.set('value', 'ORANGES');
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You are correct, sorry, that was a mistake in my entry into StackOverflow. The problem remains. It seems it only selects the items when I change the displayedValue rather than the value? – David Jul 15 '11 at 15:28
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I had missed off the "identifier" from the store data. It seems without the identifier being set it indexes them ie. 0,1,2,3,4...

Once I set:

identifier: 'value'

the current value of the FilteringSelect comes back as the 'value' form the data.

Sorry to answer my own question, thanks to anyone who helped or took a look.

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