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wondering if anyone knows how to execute a command from within bash without using scripts. Ie, I'm using Cygwin and running cygwin.bat. Basically, the default script is:

bash --login -i

Which is fine for me most of the time. But sometimes, I want to pass in a directory that I want to be the default. Eg:

cygwin.bat C:\

Would ideally change my directory (from within bash / cygwin) to the C: directory. I've tried to change the cygwin.bat file to:

if [%1%] EQU [] (bash --login -i)
if [%1%] NEQ [] (bash -i -c "cd %1%")

But the -c "cd %1%" executes and then immediately exits. So what I'd like is a flag like -c, but that doesn't immediately exit the shell. Hopefully I didn't miss something blatantly obvious ... thx.

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can't you just create a bash-function that change the directory to c:\ upon invocation: function cdrive { cd /cygdrive/c; } what are you trying to achieve? –  Fredrik Pihl Jul 15 '11 at 16:26
Possibly he does not want to create a function for each and every possible directory he wants to enter in... –  carlpett Jul 15 '11 at 17:27

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You append a ;bash to it, ie bash -i -c "cd %1%; bash". Not very pretty though, but I'm unaware of any better solution.

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