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I've been using TortoiseSVN for a while and recently came back to recommitting all my changes and came across an error I've been so-far unable to solve. The only thing about my working folder C:\Development\myproject is that I've added a lot of folders/files since my last commit. What's the best course of action? Also I started an update, however that overwrote some my files, before I paniced and stop it before too much damage was done.

TortoiseSVN error

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Try using the Clean Up command on the directory, then Update and finally Commit.

If that doesn't work, the error is moaning about deleting a directory with child items. If you know which the folder is, you can delete it by opening it in Repro Browser and delete it through that. After that, Update and Commit again and hopefully it should work. That always solves this error for me.

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