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Duplicate of

Read Data from 2 Lists into the Third List in MOSS 2007

I have two custom lists displaying invoice data one for each state, my boss wants to have a third list which will have to read one (column)/listitem from each of the first two lists, I'm a newbie to SharePoint 2007, any tip as how to approach this will be greatly appreciated.

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can you delete this for us Pam? – Nat Mar 22 '09 at 22:55

I suspect that your data model is wrong. Simpler would be to have a single list of Invoices, with a 'State' column. Then use 2 Views to display the records for each of the two states (filter by the value of the 'State' column).

And you could have a third 'All Invoices' that shows invoices for all states.

(You could even Group that 'All Invoices' view by State for boss-impressing goodness)

Alternatives can be done but might get a little complicated. If you have SharePoint Designer, the Dataview Web Part can merge data from multiple sources. See this post about doing that.

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