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Is it possible ...??? I have 4 DropDownLists on my main page and the user may select from any, all or some of the DropDownLists. I am capturing their selection (or non-selection) using a SESSION variable. What I would like to be able to do is pass the session variable values to my Data Access Layer and build a WHERE clause (maybe using StringBuilder) and then place that variable SOMEHOW into my query expression. Is that possible??? Sorry, I'm a newbie. Thanks ~susan~

public class DLgetRestaurants
        FVTCEntities db = new FVTCEntities();

        public List<RESTAURANT> getRestaurants(string cuisineName, string priceName, string cityName)

        [Build a string based on the values passed to the function]

            var cuisineID = db.CUISINEs.First(s => s.CUISINE_NAME == cuisineName).CUISINE_ID;

            List<RESTAURANT> result = (from RESTAURANT in db.RESTAURANTs.Include("CITY").Include("CUISINE").Include("Price") 
                                       where **[USE STRINGBUIDER EXPRSSION HERE]**
                                       select RESTAURANT).ToList();

             return result;
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I have done this in the past using the Dynamic Linq Library.

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I am not familiar with how to do this. Do you have a sample??? – Susan Jul 15 '11 at 15:16
You have to add a reference to System.Linq.Dynamic. Then you can write your query like this db.Restaurants.Where(myFilter). Myfilter is a string that can contain something like "cuisine_name = 'Italian'" – boca Jul 15 '11 at 15:21
Wow, thank you! This was a big help in simplifying my code. Regards, ~susan~ – Susan Jul 15 '11 at 15:39

You can compose Where conditions which are linked by a logical AND relatively easy in LINQ extension method syntax:

var query = db.RESTAURANTs.Include("CITY").Include("CUISINE").Include("Price");

if (userHasSelectedInDDL1)
    query = query.Where(r => r.PropertyForDDL1 == ValueFromDDL1);

if (userHasSelectedInDDL2)
    query = query.Where(r => r.PropertyForDDL2 == ValueFromDDL2);

if (userHasSelectedInDDL3)
    query = query.Where(r => r.PropertyForDDL3 == ValueFromDDL3);

if (userHasSelectedInDDL4)
    query = query.Where(r => r.PropertyForDDL4 == ValueFromDDL4);

List<RESTAURANT> result = query.ToList();

For a much more flexible solution to build queries dynamically the Dynamic LINQ Library recommended by boca is probably the better choice.

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thanks so much!! I will try the Dynamic LINQ Library – Susan Jul 16 '11 at 15:57

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