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I've been using the following code to test run using Capybara with IE8 in pure Ruby, i.e. NOT a rails app but every time I run the script IE8 pops up but then Firefox pops up and the tests run through Firefox leaving IE8 sitting in the background:

$:.unshift(File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../../lib')

begin require 'rspec/expectations'; rescue LoadError; end
require 'rubygems'

require 'capybara'
require 'capybara/dsl'

Capybara.run_server = false
Capybara.app_host = ''

require 'selenium-webdriver'
Selenium::WebDriver.for :internet_explorer
Capybara.default_driver = :selenium

require 'cukesalad'
begin require 'rspec/expectations'; rescue LoadError; require 'spec/expectations'; end
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This isn't too old maybe you can find some useful information from it:

Run Capybara & Cucumber Features In Internet Explorer On Remote Windows

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Thanks for the link but it's only for rack based apps and creates an error when trying to use it, as my server is a remote server, ie a non-rack based app. – LJ. Jul 19 '11 at 16:06

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