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I'm getting started with shoes and the nks docs tell me two write a script and then launch it like this:

> shoes myapp.rb

the shoes executable is in the Shoes.app I installed. Thus, shoes is not in my path so I can't do this.

Tried symlinking shoes into /usr/local/bin but I get this error when I try to start it.

> shoes myapp.rb
FSPathMakeRef(/usr/local/bin/../../../Shoes.app) failed with error -43.

any ideas?


PS. Additional information: OSX Leopard. Shoes version, Raisins. Installed from dmg. The link was made from and absolute path ->

> sudo ln -s /Applications/Shoes.app/Contents/MacOS/shoes shoes
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Can you give us some more details - like what operating system, what version of shoes, how you installed shoes, where you installed shoes etc. –  Paul Hedderly Mar 23 '09 at 13:05

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You need to give an absolute path when making the symlink

and you need to give the path inside the app bundle, such as Shoes.app/Contents/MacOS/Shoes maybe


you could always add the following line to your .profile (assuming bash)

export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/Shoes.app/Contents/MacOS/

although it's not a very nice solution


alias shoes=/Applications/Shoes.app/Contents/MacOS/shoes

may be a cleaner solution

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yes 'tis a bit klunky but it did the trick! thanks. –  ffoeg Mar 23 '09 at 17:13
I suppose the ideal way to do it would be to write a small script to call /Applications/... and place it in your existing path –  cobbal Mar 23 '09 at 17:18

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