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Does Grails provide built-in or via a plugin support to consume (not to generate) XML based REST or SOAP web services ( esp. REST) ?

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See grails.org/plugin/pusher for an example of the REST plugin in use. –  Brad Rhoads Jul 15 '11 at 19:40

For SOAP based webservices, use WSClient. The plugin is a wrapper around GroovyWS. Under the hood, Apache CXF is working there.

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In the past, I created a script (grails create-script) that used wsimport to create POJOs in the java src directory. Each time the script ran, it would delete the generated directory if it existed first, then generate new files.

I did this because the API that was being consumed was being developed and I wanted an easy way to consume the latest and greatest when new functionality was added.

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