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I am trying to convert a normal STP to a partially dynamic SQL I need the dynamic part to set value to a parameter, which I would later use in my non-dynamic part of the STP.

when I print it in the inside of the dynamic @stmt it's OK but outside it is empty

what am I missing?

--------------------------------------------------------------constructing statement

set @stmt = 'set @stringActors = cast((select actors.actor_id
	'+@from_clause+' '
	+@where_clause+' '
	+'for xml raw,type) as varchar(max)) print @stringActors'

print @stmt


EXECUTE sp_executesql @stmt,N'
@stringActors varchar(4000) output
,@user_actor bigint
,@internal_search_actor varchar(30)
,@internal_search_route_manager     varchar(30)
,@internal_search_terminal_id		varchar(30)
,@stringActors =@stringActors

-----------------------------------------------------------------rest of STP (not dynamic) print @stringActors

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OUTPUT has to be specified both when declaring and assigning an OUTPUT parameter, so I would say the problem is

,@stringActors =@stringActors

should be

,@stringActors =@stringActors OUTPUT

Also, check out this MSDN

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This has bit me in the behind a few times, but once you get that experience under your belt, you never forget it. Also, a tip from someone who writes a LOT of dynamic-SQL: prefix your "inner" parameters with something like "@pActors" or "iActors", because it makes it easier to read and write the param-setter clause of the sp_executesql command. Like so: EXECUTE sp_executesql @stmt, N' @pStringActors varchar(4000) output', @pStringActors = @stringActors OUTPUT –  NateJ Jun 15 at 17:46

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