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I defined (through PHPMYADMIN) a field with the float data type.
When I try to insert a number as 78.556677099932222377 it will translate it to 79.
How do I make it to save the correct number, at least 7 places after the decimal dot?

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How do you define the float in phpMyAdmin


when u declare the field you could use that above.

Better to go with Cygnusx1 and change to decimal

see MySQL numeric types

and also Problems with Float

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DECIMAL is what you looking for.


SQL Decimal is used to specify the values in decimal datatype. The Decimal datatype can be of two types : Decimal (p) refers to floating point and Decimal fixed point (p,s). The DECIMAL data type can store decimal floating-point numbers up to a maximum of 32 significant digits and Decimal fixed point can store upto 16 significant digits.

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You will probably have to set the precision and scale too. Precison for the lenght of the number to the left of the . and scale for the lenght of your decimal part. – Cygnusx1 Jul 15 '11 at 17:25
DECIMAL in MySQL has slightly different parameters (e.g. DECIMAL(p) is a synonym for DECIMAL(p,0)) – Mchl Jul 15 '11 at 18:00

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