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I've got an app that consists of a shell app which loads in other modules. As I've made changes and put them on the web of course others on the team haven't seen updates because of older versions they've cached.

Now of course a simple fix is to change the directory I'm uploading to and symbolically linking to that file, but I thought I could get around this by custom compiler arguments...

I've been getting around the caching of the external modules by appending a random number to the url of the module to be loaded by the shell (ie loadModule(blah/blah.swf?123). But this also means that the modules get pulled everytime; that's not needed. I then created a VERSION string in the main app that I change when the modules need to be pulled (ie loadModule(module.swf?+VERSION). That works for the modules but not the main app.

I'm thinking that if I can add some sort of VERSION to the compiler - the Consts I suppose - then I could also use that CONST to compile the file with shell_{CONST}.swf (ie shell_203.swf) and make sure that the htmlTemplate ALSO embeds this versioned file...


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not sure how to change the swf name at compile time based on a version, sorry. however, for the module cachekiller (which you're no longer even using, since you're appending the version), consider using a timestamp (to the second) instead of a random number -- less chance you'll randomly end up with an old module. –  ericsoco Nov 19 '11 at 0:11
also, this url has some suggestions that may be useful: arpitonline.com/blog/2008/04/19/… –  ericsoco Nov 19 '11 at 0:15

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