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I have some python modules to copy into my Linux computer. I found out that I need to copy them into one of the directory that python searches or else show a new path for it. 1. when I tried to copy files into /usr/bin/..../python2.6 .. its not allowing me. how do I make it. 2. Also do tell me how do I add a new search path ?

please guide me in detail. I have very less knowledge in linux

Also please tell me how do I get over this kind of problems myself. Is there any small book or a kind of to learn?

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You almost certainly want to use the modules' setup.py scripts to install them, rather than manually placing them in your pythonpath. –  Wooble Jul 15 '11 at 18:10

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Make it a proper Python package on top of setuptools and register your command-line frontends using the 'console_scripts' entry-point.

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