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I really only want to be able to add a link to the commit whenever a bug number is used in the commit message. Being able to close bugs and so on would be a plus, but really beyond my needs.

We generally prepend the bug number in the form of xxxx on the commit message.

My current plan was to use the script that ships with Bugzilla and an email post-commit hook on github. The email hook sends a payload with the details of each commit. I could parse that re-direct it to the script. Is this the best approach? Has nobody done this yet?

Any help/tips/links would be appreciated.

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What about using the Post-Receive URLs hook? – Glen Solsberry Jul 15 '11 at 18:52
what is your suggestion? That I write a script to parse the JSON and send the email? – pocketfullofcheese Jul 15 '11 at 18:57
That you have github post to your bugzilla server, and using JSONRPC, update the bug that way. Not sure if it would work, but in theory, it should... – Glen Solsberry Jul 15 '11 at 20:19
Thanks. JSONRPC would probably have worked, by just parsing the payload and hitting the URL. Since I had set up, but not the JSON API, I went with what you see below. Thanks for the tips. – pocketfullofcheese Jul 17 '11 at 19:56
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Since I had already set up, I decided to write a little script that would parse the URL post-receive hook's payload and send it in as an email to bugzilla. So a post-receive hook will hit a URL that does the following:

$payload = json_decode($_REQUEST['payload']);

if ($payload) {
    // assumes you want to process all commits (we only commit to the master branch)
    // but you may want to add some other conditionals above.
    $commits = $payload->commits;

    // there may be many commits per payload
    foreach ($commits as $commit) {
       $message = $commit->message;
       preg_match('/^(\*(\d+)\*)(.*)/i', $message, $matches);
       // The commit message must match the above regex
       // i.e. *1234* commit message
       if ( !(is_array($matches) && count($matches) == 4) )

        $bugNumber = $matches[2];
        $comment = trim($matches[3]);
        $url = $commit->url;

        // get the author info
        $author = $commit->author;
        $authorName = $author->name;
        // assumes github email address exists in bugzilla.
        $authorEmail = $author->email;

        // construct the email
        $subject = "[Bug $bugNumber]";
        $body = "$comment\n$url";
        $header = "From: $authorName <$authorEmail>";
        // $bugzillaEmail = '
        mail($bugzillaEmail, $subject, $body, $header);
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