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in this example its replace the div container with other element but its get the other element from the yui function how can i make same example but with replace two divs in the html


<div id="demo">
    <p><em>Click me.</em></p>


YUI({ filter: 'raw' }).use("node", function(Y) {
    var node = Y.one('#demo p');

    var onClick = function(e) {
        // e.target === node || #demo p em
        var tag = e.target.get('parentNode.tagName');

        // e.currentTarget === node
        e.currentTarget.one('em').setContent('I am a child of ' + tag + '.');

    node.on('click', onClick);
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Can you clarify your question? This isn't replacing any divs: when you click the "Click me.", it replaces the "Click me." content with "I am a child of div." –  Nick Husher Jul 15 '11 at 19:56
Yes. Please clarify. Exactly what result do you want? –  mjhm Jul 16 '11 at 0:06

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You mean, You'd like to replace another div or select another div?

In this example, em is selected and then its content is changed by setContent( "your new content" )

You can just select the e.currentTarget (the node or #demo p div) and setHTML() and build your div inside like string for example <div>content<div>, this is just one out of millions of ways to accomplish this.

have a look to this: http://www.jsrosettastone.com/

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