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I have a local branch which is a new branch called A.

I want to push it to the remote, but I want it to be named differently in the remote.

For example, remote name would be users/me/A but in local, it would still be called A

How can I do that?

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This should do it:
git push remoteRepo localBranchName:desiredName

Here is some more info on the process

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You can push a local branch A to a remote branch B using this command:

git push -u origin A:refs/heads/B

-u flag will let you not specify the name of the remote branch in future.

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git branch --set-upstream a origin/me/a

will set it permanently, so you don't have to specify the remote with every pull. Add

[push] default=tracking

to your .git/config so that pushes go the same places pulls come from.

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