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So I have become aware that there is no simple way of adding a context menu (within the email message) to Outlook 2007, as there is no API for it. Does anyone know of any hack/hook that would be able to add functionality to the right click context menu WITHIN the message body?. Any other possible solutions would be greatly appreciated. Smart Tags are also deprecated, but a simple example of creating a smart tag library that can be installed via click once would also be appreciated (If such a thing can be done).

EDIT: I would also attempt to use smart tags, but the sdk link is broken for me.

EDIT: If I get some more reputation I will add a bounty for this.

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Apparently it is simply impossible, regardless of the hack.

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It is possible if you memoryhack one of the existing items and call different function on click...but it will get waaay too hacky like that.

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