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I am trying to use the Three20 framework for their TTMessageController. It's a great replication of the Apple version, and I need to use it to send custom messages through an API.

I have loaded all of the User information I need from the API (it comes in as JSON but I store it as an NSArray full of NSDictionary objects) and I want the (+) button on the side to bring up a list of users as well as being able to type and convert directly to a contact.

Does anybody know how this is possible?

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I should add that I looked at the example code and it was not helpful at all -- it was far too complicated for what I am doing. I just want to set the data to the view and have it work, all of the examples either use the AddressBook (which I am NOT doing) or use the Three20 connection to get the JSON (which I am also NOT doing). –  TigerTrussell Jul 15 '11 at 21:00
typical 320 experience, you have to buy into their world view and eschew standard cocoa, it's a pain in the ass (my opinion) and a bad idea (my opinion) –  bshirley Jul 16 '11 at 0:31

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The TTCatalog app contains good example of that, and it's indeed a little complicated. However, I think it's worth using it. Writing your own message compose controller will probably take weeks, and won't look as good as Three20's.

you can copy the code from MessageTestController and from SearchTestController and use it as is.

Then you will have to change the datasource in MockSearchDataSource. It contains an array of the persons that shows up in the search. just try to populate that array from your JSON data and move on from there.

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