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Question might look very familiar or even duplicate but i feel there is still no clear answer to this. I have read a lot on blogs and questions similar to this but still couldnt find any clear answer. Let me explain my situation.

  • I bought a domain (lets say mydomain.com) from www.namecheap.com (surprisingly i got same domain name which was once registered with godaddy but it got expired and i never bothered to renew it) .
  • I have my blog hosted on google app engine lets call it blog.appspot.com
  • I have registered my domain with google apps and added my appengine app and gave a URL to it let call that blog.mydomain.com.

So my question is once you have all this setup what is the process to point blog.appspot.com --> blog.mydomain.com

I am looking for DNS , A record, CNAME and MXRecord settings on Domain Provider side( which is namecheap.com in my case) .. also what is the nameserver settings?

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Searching for "app engine domain" turns up scores of duplicates and near-duplicates, such as this: How to use my own domain in Google App engine –  Nick Johnson Jul 18 '11 at 6:01

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Here is the instruction how to do it: http://code.google.com/appengine/docs/domain.html

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As pointed by okrasz, App Engine's documentations can help you set your own subdomain(s). In this case, you simply have to add a CNAME to your domain's DNS.

CNAMEs to Google Apps are (as far as I know) always pointing to ghs.google.com.. Just add this URL (you might or might not have to include the trailing dot) to the CNAME section of the DNS of your domain and your blog will be accessible from there. If you get a Google 404 page loading your URL, check the App Engine settings on Google Apps and make sure they are correctly linked to your App Engine application.

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