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I am searching for a method to set a proxy specifically to a form's webbrowser. Currently I can set a proxy that is limited to my current process. But I want to explore multiple connections and forms each using a specific proxy. Web requests wouldn't work since I the website I will be using it does constant streaming. So downloading a page and loading it in a webbrowser wont be a solid solution.

Also the method im using right now is just importing the internetsetoption API.

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What is the problem with your current method? – John Saunders Jul 16 '11 at 0:48
It only sets the proxy for the current application in total, not a specific form – Drake Jul 16 '11 at 0:49

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Maybe using Gecko (Firefox) or WebKit (Chrome,Safari) would solve your problem

From this question: Is it possible to Embed Gecko or Webkit in a Windows Form just like a WebView?

This is a nice .NET-wrapped version of Gecko

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You cannot set proxy on per control basis. .NET WebBrowser control is a wrapper for IE which uses system settings. If you already have a method which changes proxy for your application, I'm guessing you're making a system wide proxy change.

I'm in wonder how you even managed to control it on process basis :)

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Its not system wide, and I specified that I am using setinternetoption to apply the settings. – Drake Jul 16 '11 at 1:52

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