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I am using MySQL and I have two tables:


  • ITEM
  • QTY


  • ITEM

Master table has duplicate ORDERNO and ITEM values. I have get total QTY using SQL 'GROUP BY' clause.

I need to deduct/subtract BAL_QTY from SUM of ITEM (master_table). I've got SUM QTY value using query (actually there are many rows).

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I think this is what you're looking for. NEW_BAL is the sum of QTYs subtracted from the balance:

SELECT   master_table.ORDERNO,
         (stock_bal.BAL_QTY - SUM(master_table.QTY)) AS NEW_BAL
FROM     master_table INNER JOIN
         stock_bal ON master_bal.ITEM = stock_bal.ITEM
GROUP BY master_table.ORDERNO,

If you want to update the item balance with the new balance, use the following:

UPDATE stock_bal
                            FROM     master_table
                            GROUP BY master_table.ORDERNO,

This assumes you posted the subtraction backward; it subtracts the quantities in the order from the balance, which makes the most sense without knowing more about your tables. Just swap those two to change it if I was wrong:

(SUM(master_table.QTY) - stock_bal.BAL_QTY) AS NEW_BAL
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this is very helpful and working fine,, thanks a lot.. also i need to update master table QTY value. this value came from many rows.. how can i do this... –  Tharindu ucsc Jul 16 '11 at 5:15

I'm not sure exactly what you want, but I think it's along the lines of:

SELECT `Item`, `qty`-`BAL_QTY` as `qty` FROM ((SELECT Item, SUM(`QTY`) as qty FROM `master_table` GROUP BY `ITEM`) as A NATURAL JOIN `stock_table`) as B
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ah homework...

So wait, you need to deduct the balance of items in stock from the total number of those items that have been ordered? I have to tell you that sounds a bit backwards. Generally I think people do it the other way round. Deduct the total number of items ordered from the balance.

If you really need to do that though... Assuming that ITEM is unique in stock_bal...

SELECT s.ITEM, SUM(m.QTY) - s.QTY AS result
FROM stock_bal s
INNER JOIN master_table m ON m.ITEM = s.ITEM
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