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I'm strugglying with UML diagrams as I just need to draw diagram to visualize better the dozen of classes I've created : I'm lost with these classes every time I come back from a break. So I'd need to draw them back from sources.

I know it's not a real new topic (for example this one) but I spent the whole night on that w/o finding the right answer to my point :

I "only" need :

  • to draw uml diagrams from my php5 source code,
  • this tool to be fully integrated into Eclipse (helios pdt),
  • this tool under EPL/GPL licence,
  • optional, this tool being able to do the reverse later on, e.g. building php sources from diagram,

Is there an appropriate tool to achieve (only) this ? What's the best recommendation to start with a simple uml tool ?

Notes :
I have seen this MDT-UML2-Tool-Compatibility list but I can't try all the EPL licenced one by one.

I've tried using bouml, uml2 and myeclipseUML, but none looks really adapted to my need or I did not understand them :
- bouml is not Eclipse integrated and not maintained anymore,
(I understand it can be run as external eclipse tool),
- UML2 SDK looks "only" java focused,
- MyEclipse UML2 plugin could not read the phpuml xmi file I created using pear in command line. Despite it looks the more appropriate to my need. EDIT: this tool looks also java focused.

EDIT: here is the best UML tool list I found.

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I have used ArgoUML in the past with success. It's cross platform too. http://argouml.tigris.org/

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Thx I have given it a try but I must be too stupid as it looks needing longer than taking my pencil to obtain these @%$ diagrams. Despite it looks like very promising on paper but could not use it properly without further support. – hornetbzz Jul 16 '11 at 8:02

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