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Quick question, I've been building a python selenium framework for testing our site. I have successfully implemented Firefox, Chrome and IE for browser testing. But have been searching for Safari driver. I know in the official documents it briefly describes it's incompatibilities and doesn't support Safari. What would you guys suggest I use for testing Safari functionality with python and selenium. Is it possible using python?

I've searched and search and can't seem to find any related Safari driver.

Thanks in advance,

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Check out this blog post. It's for Java, but the process for Python ought to be much the same.

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I haven't used it myself, but there is a Safari driver available implemented as browser extension that injects javascript to each page.

It has some limitations such as not being able to handle alerts, but hopefully it helps.

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The bindings for a local SafariDriver have not yet been implemented. If you want this feature, star the following issue at the bug tracker of Selenium:

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