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For the past week, something has changed about my VS solution, and I havent found a setting to fix it yet.

When I close the solution and restart:

  1. the start-up project reverts to a different one than was selected when I last closed
  2. my project heirarchy is not what it was when it closed - every project is expanded
  3. the documents that were open when closed are all closed

In each case I want the solution to look just like it did when I closed it last.

How do I make that happen?


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I believe this information all lives in your .suo file and/or .user file. If they've become corrupt, VS will struggle, so it'll revert to the default. Maybe try exiting studio, deleting the .suo and/or .user files, go back into studio and set it up how you want, bail then go back in and see if it remembered?

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Yeah, wiping out the .suo did the trick - thx –  Berryl Jul 16 '11 at 6:35
Problem is back and now that trick isn't working anymore. Any other ideas? I am suspicious of NuGet since I installed an upgrade to that in the interim period. –  Berryl Jul 16 '11 at 17:33
Hmm, wild stab in the dark time. Disable nuget? Macros? Are those files source code controlled? Rogue devenv.exe that isn't quitting properly? Do you run the Solution Navigator from Productivity Power Tools and could it be futzing with your settings? Basically I have no more ideas, sorry :-) –  Dan F Jul 16 '11 at 21:06
Brilliant solution, thank you!!! –  mik-t Jul 2 '14 at 14:00

I had the same problem with Visual C# express.

The only way I found to solve the problem was to:

  1. reset the settings (Tools -> Settings -> Reset)
  2. exit studio
  3. delete the old corrupted .suo files from the solutions affected.

It looks like a VS bug since Express versions don't support any plug-ins anyway. I noticed that after I would delete the .suo file and reopen visual studio it would generate a new .suo file for that particular solution which would normally be around 57k. If I would open any file in the environment and then close visual studio (even if that file was not part of the solution at all) it would save a .suo which was around 916k. After that, opening that same solution would cause the problem described above.

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I found deleting the suo insufficient and I needed Settings Reset as well. I am using VS2012 Professional. –  RichardHowells Jun 13 at 10:42

I had the same problem and tried removing the .suo file. However, that did not fix the project. I then tried the 'reset' option which worked perfectly.

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Same here. Only "Reset all settings" works after trying so many different things. For my VS2013 "Reset all settings" is under TOOLS > "Import and Export settings..." –  Hong yesterday

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