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in my app when i click a button i am opening an Alert Dialog builder. My code is as follows

AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(BannerImage.this);
final CharSequence[] items = {"Skip", "video", "Audio", "Games"};
builder.setTitle(" Funn ");

here instead of typing the items name here i want to add those name from R.strings.xml file but it shows some errors, as my user changes the locale i want to show different language for that i need to do like this. How to add the values from strings file...

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final CharSequence[] items = {getString(R.string.skip), getString(, getString(, getString(};

and then create your string.xml file

<string name="skip">skip</string>
<string name="video">Video</string>
<string name="audio">Audio</string>
<string name="games">Games</string>

<string name="skip">Siguiente</string>
<string name="video">Video</string>
<string name="audio">Audio</string>
<string name="games">Juegos</string>
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You neeed to create seperate resource files for each language. E.G

  1. res/values/strings.xml - For all English strings that the application uses.
  2. res/values-fr/strings.xml - For all French strings that the application uses.
  3. res/values-ja/strings.xml - For all Japanese strings that the application uses.

Please read the Localization article for more info.

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