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I get the following errors when viewing my Admin Index

Notice (8): Undefined property: ClientsController::$Clients [APP/controllers/clients_controller.php, line 27]

Call to a member function find() on a non-object in /Users/cameron/Sites/crm/app/controllers/clients_controller.php on line 27

here is the code:

class ClientsController extends AppController
    var $name = 'Clients';

    function beforeFilter()

    function index()
        $this->set('clients', $this->Clients->find('all'));

    function view ( $id, $slug )
        $article = $this->Clients->read(null, Tiny::reverseTiny($id));


    function admin_index()
        $this->set('clients', $this->Clients->find('all'));

Any ideas what the issue is here? (I have created a Model also)

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Some potential issues:


var $name = 'Client'; // Not Clients

You have a Client, and the controller is for "Clients".


$this->set('clients', $this->Client->find('all'));

with the above suggestion on var $name.

See a more complete list of potential solutions here if that doesn't lead you down the right path.

CakePHP call to member function on non-object

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I tried the above mentioned solutions, but it doesnt work. For me the problem is that out of 4 possible cases, only one case shows this error, the remaining 3 cases work properly. – Manish M Demblani Sep 1 '15 at 15:03

Model names are singular in CakePHP (at least if you follow the naming conventions), which means you have to use: $this->Client->find('all');

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