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i am using selenium ide for testing my .net website. i am testing login for the website by using selenium. i recorded the steps and as i am testing the code in visual studio the test case is failing. my test case is:

            selenium.Type("fldUsername", "abc");
            selenium.Type("fldPassword", "abc");
            bool log1 = selenium.IsPromptPresent();

here username and password are incorrect and is giving a alert. but using selenium it is not getting that alert. please someone help me out..

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Probably should have been migrated to, but, either way.

Is there any reason why you're creating log1. It would be much for efficient to do something like: Assert.isFalse(selenium.IsPromptPresent());

I don't use Selenium 1 much, however, after a quick test, this seems to work.

Assert.IsTrue(Regex.IsMatch(selenium.GetAlert(), "regex to match"));

As for the regex matching, if you're going to make sure that the prompt is there, you might as well make certain that it's the correct prompt.

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