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I want to add a link to each element of an array, then join the resulting array. I tried:

myarray.collect{|u| link_to u[:first_name], username_path(u[:username])}.join(', ')

This does everything correctly, except it returns:

<a href="/niels">Niels Bohr</a>, <a href="/richard">Richard Feynman</a>

Instead of

<a href="/niels">Niels Bohr</a>, <a href="/richard">Richard Feynman</a>

How do I fix this? Or is there a simpler way of proceeding?


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Use html_safe

myarray.collect{|u| link_to u[:first_name], username_path(u[:username])}.join(', ').html_safe
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thanks, that worked. –  alste Jul 16 '11 at 14:44

There is nothing wrong with adding the links or joining the elements of the list. That all works fine. What is wrong is that your string is considered unsafe and some of the characters used to construct valid HTML (and more importantly, javascript) are being escaped.

As fl00r says, you should add .html_safe after the string, to tell the rendering function that any HTML in the function can be safely sent to the browser as-is.

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