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I have three or more excel files with different sheets among them and I need to create a new blank file with a copy (or clone) that sheets into the new file and place them in the order I need so I can fill out the respective forms with data.

How can I do this by using Jakarta POI (XSSFWorkbook)?

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First up, I think you mean Apache POI - it hasn't been Apache Jakarta POI for quite a few years now...

In terms of copying sheets from one workbook to another, it can be done, but it will require some coding. First you'll want to identify the cell styles you use, and clone those across. Make sure you keep track of which source Cell Style goes to which destination Cell Style, as you don't want to keep re-creating or you'll hit the limit! CellStyle.cloneStyleFrom(CellStyle) is the method you'll want.

Then, for each source sheet, create a sheet in the target workbook. Loop over all the source rows, creating new target ones. Then loop over the cells, switch by cell type, grab the appropriate value and set it. Rinse and repeat!

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