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It would be beneficial to leave in lots of NSLog() entries to help crash debug by app users.

What is the risk of the log file getting too big?

How can a user delete it? Does iOS automatically kill it?


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Not a duplicate... My question is about iPhone flash (non-volatile) memory usage, not about performance (speed). QUESTION: Do NSLog()'s keep adding cumulatively to the iPhone non-volatile storage (flash)? I have no performance issue because my app only NSLog()'s upon user action, not during computation. –  Doug Null Aug 5 '11 at 15:14
Perhaps not a duplicate, but the point there was that leaving NSLogs in your application will have an adverse impact on performance beyond just the size of the logs that get built up. Also, I don't see how it will help debug crashes, because NSLog information isn't kept within the crash logs sent to Apple or that people would send to you. Only developers with access to the console logs in Xcode would be able to see this (and personally, I get annoyed if I see something dumping a lot of information to the console on my devices). –  Brad Larson Aug 5 '11 at 16:04

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