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I have the following liquid markup:

{{ 'image.jpg' | theme_image_tag }}

and it renders like,

<img src="/site.com/site/3424242/image.jpg" />

How to add a class or whatever option to it? I want it to render like:

<img src="/site.com/site/3424242/image.jpg" class="thumbnail" />

I use the Locomotive CMS and the liquid that comes with it.

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5 Answers

For the most control, consider using theme_image_url instead of theme_image_tag. Here's a more detailed example that should get you want you want.

<img src="{{ 'image.jpg' | theme_image_url }}" class="thumbnail" />

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If you want to customize your liquid, you could consider editing the html.rb file located in lib/locomotive/liquid/filters/html.rb .

    def my_custom_tag (input,*args)
      "<img src=\"#{theme_image_url(input)}\" class=\"#{args.first}\" />"

Or you can even edit the current theme_image_tag filter.

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the difference between image_tag and theme_image_tag is taht image_tag will give you the url from the data you have upload in your backend and theme_image_tag is the one you get form your theme.

both accept params.

{{ '/public/images/exemple.jpg' | theme_image_tag:'class: c1,c2'}}

{% for blog_post in contents.blog_posts%}
 {{ blog_post.image.url | image_tag, 'alt:my beautyfull image', 'id:exemple'}}
{% endfor %}

cheers, Horion grégory

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Try using:

{{ "image.png" | image_tag: "class:image" }}

Good luck!

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Output filters run from left to right, so you could also do this:

{{ 'image.jpg' | theme_image_tag | replace_first' />',' class="thumbnail" />' }}

Locomotive CMS may have its own filters, but the code about should work universally.

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