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In my english linux system, I have

$ diff a b
Only in b: bmm.awda
Common subdirectories: a/c and b/c
Only in b: gsegwehh
Only in a: Link to t
Only in b: new file (4th copy)
Only in a: r
Only in a: t
Only in b: zxzxczx

what would be the output in a system with a different language? Are bash commands output translated to every language?? Like in Italian I would have

$ diff a b
Solo in b: bmm.awda
Subdirectories comuni: a/c e b/c
Solo in b: gsegwehh
Solo in a: Link to t
Solo in b: new file (4th copy)
Solo in a: r
Solo in a: t
Solo in b: zxzxczx

or something similar?

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Yes, bash quite often translates output depending on your locale settings. But this also depends on how the tools / scripts are written. There is a section about "Locale Specific Translation" in the BASH manual.

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