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I have several formsets to which I am passing error_classes, but the formset is just not using the specified class to render errors.

The error_class works for standalone forms (such as form in the below snippet).

I'm using Django 1.3. Is there a way to get formsets to do this?

My view code:

    form = IncorporateForm(request.POST, error_class=SideError)
    guarantee_form = GuaranteeForm(data=request.POST, error_class=SideError)
    directors_formset = DirectorsFormset(prefix='directors', data=request.POST, error_class=SideError\
    capital_formset = CapitalFormset(prefix='capital', data=request.POST, error_class=SideError)
    holding_formset = HoldingFormset(prefix='holding', data=request.POST, error_class=SideError)
    amends_formset = AmendsFormset(prefix='amends', data=request.POST, error_class=SideError)
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I've discovered that Formset does not pass down the error_class to the forms it creates.

I've created this ticket: https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/16479 That ticket details the fix, which is to change the first line in Formset._construct_form to:

defaults = {'auto_id': self.auto_id, 'prefix': self.add_prefix(i), 'error_class': self.error_class}

That passes the error_class to each form created.

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