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How should I properly store hour:minute data of my entity in CoreData? In .NET I could use TimeSpan class, how about objective C? The options I see: 1)use CoreData Date type (NSDate?) and ignore every component except for hour and minute 2)use custom type based on string stored as "HH:MM" 3)store two integers

What would you recommend?

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I would use the NSTimeInterval class, much like the TimeSpan .NET class.

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I do agree with @Simeon below that if you're going to store a lot of these then I would store some integers instead, but if you are only storing a few records, the NSTimeInterval is the way to go. – iandotkelly Jul 16 '11 at 15:24

NSTimeInterval is the correspondant data type: iphone - store NSTimeInterval on a coredata

However, if your data is large, I would suggest the optimization to store two integers instead. If you decide to later on also store seconds, the NSTimeInterval solution is a more flexible one.

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