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i have a lots of excel files in same directory...each of the excel file has several sheets inside...

May i know how to gather all sheets from all the excel files into new excel file?

for i=1:length(names)
  z = xlsread(names{i});

keep erroring..anyone can help?!

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Here is a good reference to start: mathworks.com/support/solutions/en/data/1-17PWC/… . Also StackOverflow has a number of questions about manipulating Excel files in MATLAB (search is your friend) – Amro Jul 16 '11 at 16:06
i have try to write the code and paste it in the question..but keep error..i have no idea why.. – shu Jul 17 '11 at 3:47
It would help to post the error as well. – Chris Jul 18 '11 at 3:59

Here is one possible implementation:

%# get all XLS files in source directory
dirName = '.\in';
files = dir( fullfile(dirName,'*.xls') );
files = {files.name}';                      %'

%# for each input file
for i=1:numel(files)
    fname = fullfile(dirName, files{i});    %# absolute-path filename
    [~,f] = fileparts(fname);               %# used to name sheets in output

    %# loop over each sheet in input file
    [~,sheets] = xlsfinfo(fname);
    for s=1:numel(sheets)
        %# read content
        [~,~,rawData] = xlsread(fname, sheets{s});

        %# write to output file as new sheet
        xlswrite('out.xls', rawData, [f '_' sheets{s}]);
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