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i have a problem with pic18f452 and uart i use simplest code like that:

 UART1_Init(9600);              // Initialize UART module at 9600 bps
 Delay_ms(100);                 // Wait for UART module to stabilize

and between forever while loop i have this code


also i have in my hardware lcd module it works very fine but my received data on pc is a scrap like that


i have checked all connection sothand time nothing wrong also i have changed MAX232 ic but with no luck ?! my hardware is like that enter image description here

finall all my connections are ok (polarity and every thing else ?) EDIT : i use mikroc as a compiler

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For beginning send only a single character (byte) like 0x55 and tell as what you are receiving on PC. –  GJ. Jul 16 '11 at 17:13

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Looks like a baud rate error. Have you checked that your oscillator settings are resulting in the expected frequency? Does the serial library you are using expect a certain clock frequency and you are sure that you are running at that frequency, or does it work over a set of frequencies and you have correctly informed the serial library what frequency you are using? Also it would be useful to see the byte received as a decimal or hex number rather than just ASCII.

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ok i will try this with pic 16f877a since 18f452 have it's own setting for internal and external clock usage ! ! (it's very confusing with mikroc !) –  SamyMassoud Jul 18 '11 at 11:31
ok i found the problem finally it's related with oscillator as you mentioned :D –  SamyMassoud Jul 19 '11 at 9:56

What about the start bits, number of data bits, parity, and stop bits? Are they the same on both ends?

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yes all the same !! –  SamyMassoud Jul 16 '11 at 15:48

It happens when you have loose connections i.e. from max 232 to Pic & from max 232 to PC. Try checking the fluctuations over the transmit pin or usr Oscilloscope to see the ASCII values of Hello World alphabets.

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