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How to add a callback function to getCurrentLocation method passing coords or position as args to a global variable?. The object is allow to pass the coord to a global variable outside getCurrentLocation.

//Global scope
var Location= {coords:null;

function getLocation(position)

navigator.geolocation.getCurrentLocation(getLocation, error)
Location.coords is NULL !


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Shoudn't be :

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  console.log("I'm located at ",pos.coords.latitude,' and ',pos.coords.longitude);

Suggest using Paul Irish's shim as a fallback for older browsers too:

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Finding your position with Geolocation | HTML5 Doctor should also help you out.

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In your code this row:


uses a variable coords that isn't declared. The parameter to the function with the coordinate you have called position. Is it a typo?

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You can read all about how to use the geoloction API at which is a fantastic site. By default getCurrentLocation takes a callback as an argument. The callback receives a position object.

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