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In my testing code, I'm getting a lot of things that look like this:

test.truth(function(){return myTest.isDef('')});

Where a majority of the line there is just the function boilerplate. Is there a way to reduce that, so that I can have a syntax more like:

test.truth { myTest.isDef('') }

as one would do in Scala?

Of course, ideally this is highly browser compatible.

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No, sorry. Javascript has array literals - [] and object literals - {}, but function literals are only possible using function() { } syntax

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If you're looking for concise syntax, you may want to give CoffeeScript a look.

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You could use eval

function testtrutheval(someobject, evaltext)
   test.truth(function {  eval("someobject." + evaltext);});

And then write


I hope i got the syntax right, its been 8 years sinc i did javascript.

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