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I am trying to implement so guard handling with Caliburn.Micro but I am getting an invalid cast exception when the application runs.

The Property:

    public Account UserAccount
            return account;
                account = value;
                NotifyOfPropertyChange(() => UserAccount);
                NotifyOfPropertyChange(() => CanSaveAndNavigateToComposeView());

The Method:

    public void SaveAndNavigateToComposeView()

The Guard:

    public bool CanSaveAndNavigateToComposeView()
        return !(string.IsNullOrEmpty(UserAccount.DisplayName) ||
                 string.IsNullOrEmpty(UserAccount.Username)    ||
                 string.IsNullOrEmpty(UserAccount.Password)    || 

The guard works if I take out the notify prop change on the property but this means my method would never evaluate.

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You need to make CanSaveAndNavigateToComposeView into a property rather than a method.

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Cheers for that Rob! – deanvmc Jul 16 '11 at 19:43

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