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I installed GNUStep http://www.gnustep.org/experience/Windows.html but when compiling helloworld.m I got libgmp-10.dll missing.

What should I do to make it work ? (I'm on Windows 7 64 bits)

I have already made it work a few months ago though I think I was on Vista 32 bits then.

Update: found here


    Nota:, if an error window opens complaining about libgmp-10.dll missing, then you used a bugged version of the MinGW installer
    (some DLLs are not correctly installed). To fix the problem, just type the following commands:
     cp /mingw/bin/libgmp-10.dll /mingw/libexec/gcc/mingw32/4.5.2
     cp /mingw/bin/libmpc-2.dll /mingw/libexec/gcc/mingw32/4.5.2
     cp /mingw/bin/libmpfr-1.dll /mingw/libexec/gcc/mingw32/4.5.2
     cp /mingw/bin/libiconv-2.dll /mingw/mingw32/bin
     cp /mingw/bin/libintl-8.dll /mingw/mingw32/bin

But I only found libgmp-3.dll in /mingw/bin/

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The DLL isn't missing; it can be found in the MinGW-bin directory. On my system:


The problme can easily be fixed by adding the MinGW-bin directory to the PATH:

set path=%path%;D:\Opt\MinGW32.11.11\bin

Now the compiler works fine.

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I just downloaded mingw-get-inst-20110802 and I got the same error as you.

I found the required DLL files in the specified directory though. Applying the specified solution has solved my problem.

I may suggest you to try to redownload and reinstall the MinGW..

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