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Does anybody know how to delete a ravendb-document within RavenDB Management Studio?

If I go to the details-page of a document, I can do everything (including updates) but the delete-button is disabled.

I've already tried setting AnonymousAccess to "All" and restarted the server, but it did not change anything.

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You should be able to delete the document by right-mouse clicking on the document from one of the top level views, such as 'Documents', 'Summary', 'Collections', etc.

When I right mouse click from on of these views, I see these three options: "Edit Document" "Copy Document Id to Clipboard" "Delete document"

I see the same thing as you in the 'Edit' detail screen; the "Delete" button is disabled.

You can also use the SET based operations as described here. http://ravendb.net/documentation/set-based

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Thank you! Right-clicking on the document within a top-level view did the trick! I just wonder, why the "delete" button in the details view is disabled... confusing. –  Daniel Lang Jul 17 '11 at 12:15
It is a bug in an old version of the studio –  Ayende Rahien Sep 21 '11 at 12:26

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