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I need to send a string to a server on the same network with the iPad. when reading This I found out that maybe I need to use the + getStreamsToHost:port:inputStream:outputStream: method but I am not able use it. In xcode I have tried:

//Try 1
NSStream *myStream;
//[myStream getStreamToHost// xcode cant find it]

//Try 2
NSStream *myStream2 = [[NSStream alloc] init];
[myStream2 getStreamToHost// I have initialized it and yet xcode can't find the method

//Try 3
[NSStream getStreamToHost] // does not work eather

 //Try 4
 [[[NSStream alloc] init] getStreamToHost// does not work

and by the way I am listening on port 403 with a simple program called autoit let me show you how:

I have two scripts (the client and the server); enter image description here

first I run the server and it starts listening. Then I run the client script and when that happens a message box appears and a song starts playing: enter image description here

Let me show you the code it is very simple to understand just to show what's going on...

the client code:

enter image description here

and the server code:

enter image description here

note that the client sends the message hello and when that happens a message box appears MsgBox(0,"Data Received", $TCPReceive) and a song starts playing shellExecute("t.mp3") that mp3 file is on the same directory of the script.


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+getStreamsToHost:port:inputStream:outputStream: is a class method (indicated by the +), so you have to use [NSStream getStreams...] instead of [[[NSStream alloc] init] getStreams...].

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I have tried that when I type [NSStream get (then press f5 to see my available options getStreamsToHost is not there) do I have to import some Framework that I am not ware of? –  Tono Nam Jul 16 '11 at 20:40
No, it should work. Does it work (without warnings)? –  jtbandes Jul 16 '11 at 20:43
iOS SDK doesn't provide this method. –  zetachang Sep 13 '13 at 2:41

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