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Is it possible to activate full autocompletion without having the file added to a project? Maybe with a plugin or any another modification?

I installed the plugin "remote file systems" for netbeans 6.9.1 (php) ( to access my linux server over ssh on my windows machine. Autocompletion doesn't work with it - the files have to be in a netbeans project :(

I also tried the mounting tool "dokan" but sometimes it destroys a file when I save. Other mounting tools work less well or just show my home folder.

Sorry for my english and thx for your answer.

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coudnt solve the problem that way

so i used samba and add the files to a netbeans project

wasnt easy because for some reason i have to use the ip path ("\\" and type my smbuser and the password) to map the drive in windows

on my other pc i didnt need that. dont know why

bye guys

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Bad to hear that! +1 For saving me the time of looking for a solution. – Alberto May 25 '12 at 13:59

There is an open bug, or as they have called it, the umbrella issue #135222, to aggregate requests and ideas regarding how to

Improve support for editing files that do not belong to a project.

I have just added the suggestion of somehow allowing to define a classpath for files that don't belong to any project. I hope I can soon update this answer with a "there is a better way..." ;-)

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