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It appears Google Plus is mainly written using Java on the server side. So I wonder if it will be compatible with the existing OpenSocial APIs Google has created with MySpace. It could easily be done using Apache Shindig, the reference OpenSocial implementation for Java.

Does anyone has information about that?

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Yes, it runs on open social.

Watch the requests in your browser and you will see something like this:
&rpctoken= [OBSCURED]

the domain seems to make it pretty obvious whats going on here, no?

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Ok, interesting. I looked for it, and it's true. I found it in the requests launched by Plus. Thank you! – Alexis Dufrenoy Aug 18 '11 at 10:45

It looks like Google+ doesn't have an API yet. As they wrote their own APIs for Google Buzz, not being OpenSocial enabled this time might tell us that they have abandoned OpenSocial...

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