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Can I somehow setup visual studio to launch a cmd.exe replacement (on this case TCC/LE, from JP Software) console when debugging console applications?

I have it setup on the Tools Menu as an External tool with a start directory pointing to the project debug bin folder. But I'd like a more immediate access, just so hitting the F5 key (Start Debugging) would launch the application in this cmd.exe replacement instead.

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In theory, VS uses the COMSPEC environment variable to respect user preference. Try setting it to the path to TCC/LE. –  Chrono Kitsune Jul 16 '11 at 23:44
hmm, wouldn't want to affect the whole windows environment for this. Or maybe I would. Let's give it a try first... –  Alexandre Bell Jul 16 '11 at 23:46
User-specific environment variables are available as well as system-wide environment variables. That way if there are other users on that system, the default cmd.exe won't be affected. –  Chrono Kitsune Jul 16 '11 at 23:49
Indeed. But unfortunately it doesn't work. I've set the system-wide COMSPEC, rebooted for good measure, but Visual Studio insisted on calling cmd.exe –  Alexandre Bell Jul 16 '11 at 23:58

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In the project properties for your console project select the debug tab. There are 3 radiobuttons there that specify how the project is started when you hit 'F5'. The default value is 'start project' in your case I assume you need to select 'start external program' and specify your cmd replacement with any arguments to get the debug app launched from it.
For cmd.exe it would be the /c or /k option to launch something else from the command shell.

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I use Clink.

It doesn't replace cmd.exe, but makes it something I can very much live with. By using Clink, I don't need to worry about injecting an alternative. Instead, cmd.exe works mostly as I'd like it to.

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