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If I set the attribute "scrollable=true" in a PrimeFaces datatable it is scrollable vertically. But is it possible to scroll this table horizontally?

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The PrimeFaces dataTable component in 2.2 supports only vertical scrolling. But why do you want a horizontal scrolling in the dataTable? Is your dataset not displaying within the contents of the component? –  Vineet Reynolds Jul 17 '11 at 3:26
3.0.M3 has horizontal scrolling as well. –  Cagatay Civici Jul 17 '11 at 11:09

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PrimeFaces 3.0 can do this.

Look at the X Scrolling example here

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The link isn't working anymore. :-( –  divinedragon Feb 18 at 13:36

Try this (XY);

<h:panelGroup id="tbl" style="width:100%;overflow:auto;">

data table;

<p:dataTable  paginatorPosition="top" scrollable="true" scrollHeight="300" style="width:100%"   resizableColumns="true"  lazy="true"  >
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