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I am implementing a negation filter field in Symfony 1.4. with 1 text input and 1 checkbox for negation.

I can access the input value as below

public function addXXXColumnQuery($query, $field, $value)
    $v = $value['text'];
    $n = 'negation_checkbox_true_or_false'; // don't know how?

    if ($n === true) 
        $query->addWhere($query->getRootAlias().'.name = ?', $v);
    else if ($n === false) 
        $query->addWhere($query->getRootAlias().'.name <> ?', $v);

but I can't figure out how to access the checkbox value.

sfWidgetFormInputFileEditable has a 'with_delete' option that prints a checkbox. Anyone knows where is the code that checks for that value and delete the file?

If I can find that, maybe I can figure that out.

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When you create a sfWidgetFormInputFileEditable with the with_delete option set to true, the widget renders an additional checkbox which is named after the file upload widget with a "_delete" suffix. When the checkbox is checked, the sfParameterHolder of the sfWebRequest object contains a parameter named after the checkbox widget.

So, suppose you have a sfWidgetFormInputFileEditable named "file". In your action, you can see if the delete checkbox is checked using:

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I don't think you should handle it in the action, but in the doSave() or doUpdate() action of the form. – Grad van Horck Jul 21 '11 at 13:46
Depending on the behaviour to implement, it's probably better. – mgois Jul 21 '11 at 15:22

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