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I've found Rhino JS Compiler documentation, which says how to compile JS -> JVM, but the only documented interface I've found is for the command-line tool. Also, it seems to be built for the "script (list of commands)" -> "runnable Main() method" use case, and not (for example) subclassing a specific Java class.

Is there an easy way to use the Rhino code generator to generate a .class file for a class I define? Specifically, I'm trying to implement an interface for use with a Java library that will turn around and use inspection on it, so the normal interpreter mechanism of implementing an interface in Rhino won't work here.

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I am not familiar with these specifics of Rhino, but the Java documentation on javax.script has a very straightforward section titled Implementing Java Interfaces. Perhaps this will be helpful.

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As I said above, the normal interpreter mechanism is of no use here. (Doubly so for the Oracle/Sun Java Rhino because, as mentioned on the page you linked, it doesn't support JavaScript-to-bytecode compilation at all.) – Ken Jul 24 '11 at 3:11

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