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Just recently I installed the following programs on window 7 GNUstep msys, GNUstep core, GNUstep devel, GNUstep backend to learn objective C.

I wrote a piece of code just to print “Hello world” and saved it in a folder called “objectivec” with .m extension (first.m). Then in the shell cmd window i changed the directory to objectivec by typing cd c:/objectivec then to compile it I typed gcc –o first first.m after the dollar ($)sign but it keeps showing me gcc.exe No such file or directory gcc.exe No input files Should I create a path first either in user variable or System variable in enviroment variables? If so will you please tell me what should i do to solve the problem. Thanks

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You must use command in sh.exe –  Vijay Barbhaya Jul 2 '14 at 7:04

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First you should use the MSYS shell installed with the GNUstep packages. The cmd window will not work as far as I know.

Second I would suggest to use GNUstep Makefiles to compile your code. Invoking the compiler manually is usually error prone.

A Tutorial on how to write these Makefiles can be found here for example.

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