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I want to overload navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition and navigator.geolocation.watchPosition to simulate geolocation during development. Is it possible to do it using Google Chrome extension?

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You mean something like this?

navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition = function(successCallback, errorCallback) {
    successCallback({coords:{lattitude:10, longitude:20}});

If it is just for your own needs then it would be much easier to just do it in your js code.

If you want to make extension out of it then:

  • This code needs to be injected on every page of your app (via content script) and put inside dynamically created <script> tag, otherwise you will be inside content script sandbox and your overwritten function will not be visible to the parent page.
  • You would need to run this code before your app uses geolocation. There is no easy solution for this.
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I think the solution for running the code before the app uses geolocation is to set "run_at" property to "document_start" in the manifest.json file. –  check_ca Jan 3 '12 at 0:07
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Now there's a chrome extension that does just that - the manual geolocation chrome extension. It tries its best to inject the script before any other one.

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