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In order to store arbitrary data in jsTree nodes, I'm passing a custom attribute (say node-data) to the create_node method. But I need to store more than one piece of data in the single attribute. (For example name,age etc.) What format would be best suited for the value of the node-data attribute? What I'm looking for is a format that will allow easy retrieval of data.

For example we can have a format like "name:John,age:26". But I will have to split the string by using the comma as the delimiter and split at the colon to separate the name and value. Is there a better way to do this?

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Any reason you're not using data- attributes? Supported by jquery and every current browser (HTML5). So instead of obj.attr("myattrib", true); You can assign arbitrary data to any object. You could easily do things like:"name", "John");"age", 26);

and later you retrieve them when needed:

var name ="name");

on the server end, presuming you're sending your data back as Json data, you simply define (in the simplest form, you can get fancier) a Dictionary metadata in the json object in the server, then you retrieve "name" from the dictionary, cast the object to the appropriate type and away you go!

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would you elaborate a little bit more on the idea of preparing the data on the JSON object? I'm trying to send folders permissions when loading a jsTree structure. –  Felipe Leão Jul 8 '14 at 14:43

You can pass html attributes to node, using li_attr and a_attr in json data array. { $list[] = array( 'id' => "year_" . $year->Year, 'text' => $year->Year, 'children' => TRUE, 'folder' => 'folder', 'li_attr' => array('year' => $year->Year), 'a_attr' => array('month' => $year->month) ); }

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